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This book « ASSIMILATION KEY POINTS ON ECONOMICS » is written to make for easy access to key points before each examination. This is because reading or searching a whole textbook each time may be tedious and tiring to most students. The book is made in a simplified and easier form for the students to fully comprehend and appreciate the study of economics.

The book also contains points, definitions and Titbits for quick remembrance before examinations. Objective questions and answers are also in place to allow students to do self assessment before any examination. The book is carefully and basically prepared for the students in senior secondary classes, WAEC students and undergraduate Economics students. It is also useful for adults in updating and upgrading their knowledge in Economics as it affects everyday life.

All correspondence should be addressed to

otunbashaki@yahoo.com or P.O BOX 3099 Mushin, Lagos, NIGERIA. Tel +22566315720 or +22555305961

November 2010.

For online version of the book and other materials, log on to :

www.educationandjobs.blogspot.com or



First Baptist Church Group of Schools Marcory – Abidjan

Côte d'Ivoire.

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